Board of Directors
Lenize Patton 
Executive Director 
Beth Ferraro
Executive Board Chair 
Ron Welsh
Board Secretary 
 "I have the incredible privilege to lead and work with an amazing group of staff, volunteers, and board members to assist those in need in our community."  Lenize was a special education teacher for eighteen years. Then she heard there were 276 homeless children in Onslow County. A  year later she started Philippians Place, a nonprofit organization,  and soon resigned from teaching.  I

Beth began as Lenize’s assistant in 2015 where she assisted with fundraising, events, promotions, and social media. 

Beth graduated from UNC-Wilmington with a major in Criminal Justice and double minors in Psychology and Sociology. She has a passion for volunteerism and assisting the needs of our community.

Ron, a Board Member since March 2019, is Pastor of Education and Finance at Enon Chapel Baptist Church since July 2012.
"One thing that attracted me to PP was the need to end the cycle of homelessness in Onslow County. I’ve always been an advocate of helping those who want to help themselves and not just putting a band-aid on someone’s problem only to see it reappear the next month. PP’s has an earnings program that helps people improve their situation while providing much-needed education required to improve their situation whatever that might be."
Adam Walker 
Board member/Volunteer Committee member 
Kathy Reese
Board member 
Adam Walker began volunteering at Philippians Place in 2020.  He serves on the Board of Directors and Volunteer Committee.  He is a retired Marine who has been active in ministry, teaching since 2012.  He is a member of Victory Baptist Church.

Kathy has been a Board member since 2019. She is a Registered Nurse Case Manager with United Health Care. Kathy is a mother of 4 children and has 1 granddaughter. She belongs to Cape Carteret Baptist Church. 

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