Philippians Place is a nonprofit organization in Jacksonville, North Carolina, that is dedicated to providing financial, spiritual, and life skills education to increase independence and sustain success to those who are facing homelessness.

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M-F 10am-4pm

Resale Store

M-F 9am-2pm

Homeless Outreach

M-F 10am-3pm

Donation Center

Purging or Moving? Donations of furniture and household goods needed!  See our Donate page for other items needed. Donations support the programs for our clients! Our Resale Store also funds our programs and administrative costs. 

City of Jacksonville employees donate from their Blue Jean Friday fund to help the homeless via Philippians Place. Thanks, everyone!


Thanks to Calvary Chapel's Anchored Women's Ministry who raised $400+  for our client programs.


We appreciate all donations given to help our clients! Thank you!