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 Board of Directors
Lenize Patton

Lenize Patton

Founder/Executive Director

"I have the incredible privilege to lead and work with an amazing group of staff, volunteers, and board members to assist those in need in our community." 

Lenize was a special education teacher for eighteen years. Then she heard there were 276 homeless children in Onslow County. A  year later she started Philippians Place, a nonprofit organization,  and soon resigned from teaching.

Beth Ferraro

Beth Ferraro

Beth graduated from UNC-Wilmington with a major in Criminal Justice and double minors in Psychology and Sociology. She has a passion for volunteerism and assisting the needs of our community.

Executive Board Chair

Beth began as Lenize’s assistant in 2015 where she assisted with fundraising, events, promotions, and social media. 


Rudy Flores

Rudy began at Philippians Place by volunteering as a class instructor & mentor.  He worked with many clients to get them out of their homeless situation. 

Rudy started out volunteering with Philippians Place when we first opened our Outreach Program by teaching a Bible study class to our clients once a week.  He was also a mentor who guided clients through their struggles and towards independence.  He also trained and modeled instruction for new instructors in our Earnings Program.


Todd Rogers

Todd began as one of our clients by  participating in our Earnings Program. Once he graduated from the program, he became an instructor, and then a board member. Now he leads our RRC Program. 

Todd was a previous client who has experienced and overcome addiction and homelessness.  He now serves as a Philippians Place Bible study instructor, mentor, pickup and delivery truck driver, and Transitional Housing Recovery Home Mentor & Manager. 


Brian Standridge

   Vice Chair
Brian has been a strong supporter and advocate for Philippians Place for many years through his church.  Now he brings his leadership skills and business expertise to the table. 

Brian has followed and supported Philippians Place since he first heard about it a few years ago through his church.  He was eager to do more, so God led him to serve on our board at the beginning of 2021.  


Adam Walker

Adam began volunteering with us in 2020 by completing various projects every week.  He then took the role of Program Coordinator for several months where he streamlined our procedures and worked one-on-one with many clients. 

When Dan moved to our area, he wanted to get plugged into a nonprofit where he could make an impact.  He heard about Philippians Place and after speaking with our Program Coordinator he completed our Volunteer Training and he's been non-stop since.  He has volunteered daily to assist our Program Coordinator, Executive Director, and clients for the past several months. He serves as a Client Administrator for one of our clients in our Recovery Home, and he just recently joined our Board of Directors.

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