Our Values 

Christian: We believe in God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We strive to do His will and Christ-like
in loving and serving others. 
Integrity: We are honest, ethical, and transparent
in our work and service to others.
Compassion: We treat each person with love, dignity, and respect. 
Empowerment: We empower our clientele by teaching new skills to achieve knowledge and success.
Excellence: We are committed to quality and excellence in all that we do to accomplish our mission. 
Accountability: We hold ourselves and our clientele accountable for all decisions and actions.
Community: We are an integral part of our community's resources for people facing homelessness. 
Volunteerism: We engage volunteers in vital and meaningful roles to increase services. 
Stewardship: We are effective stewards of the human and financial resources entrusted to us. 
Why Philippians Place: Gaps in Community Services
Gap:   No central location for information and/or resources, assessment,  or to complete assessments
Solution:   We distribute resource information, complete intakes and assessments for people who are homeless or are about to be homeless.
Gap:   Jacksonville does not have a homeless prevention program, and clients receiving permanent supportive housing may not have funds for utility deposits.
Solution:  Provide services to help pay back-rent, utility and rent deposits. Clients can attend life skills classes, or volunteer to earn vouchers
Gap:  Many people become homeless because they do not have the necessary skills to be self-sustaining.
Solution:   Provide life skill classes (budgeting, meal planning, completing job applications, etc.), Bible studies, gardening, etc.
Gap: People who are homeless getting an apartment often need furnishings and supplies
Solution: Clients volunteer and attend classes to earn vouchers to get furniture and supplies

Our Impact   

  • Over 50 people facing homelessness placed in housing
  • $1266 furniture
  • $1688 financial assistance
  • $200+ of gift card assistance
  • $4020.55 in total provided in 2018
  • Same or Increase in Employment: 62%
  • Same or Increase in Income: 77%
  • Same or Increase in Formal or Informal Education: 77%
  • Same or Increase in Savings: 69%
  • Decrease in Debt (if applicable): 80%
  • Stable Housing Upon Exit of Program: 77%
  • 6 month follow-up of clients: 89%