There isn’t a specific location for people facing homelessness to get information and/or resources, or to complete assessments and intake information.
Solution: We distribute resource information and complete intake information and assessments for people who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness.
Jacksonville does not have a homeless prevention program, and clients receiving permanent supportive housing may not have funds for utility deposits.
Solution: Clients receive services to prevent and transition out of homelessness by paying back rent and/or utilities, and utility deposits; clients volunteer, attend classes, and/or make crafts to earn vouchers.
Many people become homeless because they do not have the necessary skills to be self- sustaining.
Solution: We teach life skill classes (budgeting, meal planning, completing job applications, etc.), Bible studies, gardening, and a new trade: crafting, woodworking, and furniture repair.
People who are moving out of homelessness do not have furniture and household items for their new apartment, and some of those placed in permanent supportive housing do not have funds to buy hygiene, paper, kitchen, and cleaning products.
Solution: Clients volunteer, attend classes, and/or make crafts to earn vouchers to get furniture, household items, and daily life products.
We are a transient military town, many furniture, household items, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies are just thrown away.
Solution: We provide an Eco-friendly alternative to those who are moving by recycling their unwanted items.
Philippians Place wants to be self-sustaining.
Solution: We sell furniture, household items, and crafts, which will provide financial support to Philippians Place & Furnishing Hope clients, programs, and staff.  

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